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Campus Info Cheap Satan – lun 28/10/19 – Playlist

Tanya Tagaq – Snowblind
Osilasi – Atlas – Les Noces (fwb)
Ghalia – Meet you down the road (fwb)
Cassandra Wilson – I Can’t Stand The Rain
Soap&Skin – And The Devil
Angel Olsen – Sweet Dreams
Keiki – Headless Girl – Remix by EDH (fwb)
Cazzurillo – Playcity (fwb)
Greta Thunberg – How Dare You (Anne Clark style)
Mutsumi Kanamori – Let’s Get Sick
Tænia – Militär (Du Son pour Steve) (fr)
?Alos / Xavier Iriondo – Amore Libero (à Emma Goldman) (fwb)
Emma Ruth Rundle – Arms I Know So Well + Forever, as the Setting Son
Chilla – Sale Chienne (fr)
Rico Nasty – Rage
Kompromat – Le goût des cendres (fr)

Campus Info Pratiques de survie en milieu culturel – lun 16/09/19 @ 17h – Playlist

Big Joanie – Cut Your Hair
Molly Sarlé – Twisted
Mutsumi Kanamori – Hello Bored Biz Man
Ana Diaz – Jalapartap (fr, fwb)
La Materialista – Chuleame (Kelman Duran Dembow Club Remix)
Mara – Foufoune dans ta bouche (fr)
Leikeli47 feat. Biker Boy Pug – F__k The Summer Up
Alice Phoebe Lou – She
FKA Twigs – Cellophane
Irène Dresel – Rita
Oktober Lieber – Her Morphology

Aux Sources de l’Oralité + Chimères – Campus Info du 10/09/19 – Podcast + Playlist

Dans le cadre des 15 ans de la Fédération des Conteur-se-s Professionnel-le-s, nous recevions Christine Andrien, Véronique de Miomandre et Monique Michel pour évoquer les sources de l’oralité et la tenue du festival Chimères.
Présentation également de la journée d’ateliers et de conférences : PRATIQUES DE SURVIE EN MILIEU CULTUREL du groupe F(s) à la Bellone.
Le féminisme est un muscle, entraîne-toi !

Playlist :
Josy & The Pony – Anon Petit Con (fr, fwb)
Gina Eté – Oak Tree
Kovacs – 50 Shades of Black
Rosalía – Catalina

Campus Info Wutcha Doin’ Rentrée – lun 6/09/19 @ 17h – Playlist

Francesca De Fazi – Making Miracle
Gin Wigmore – Girl Gang
Shivaree – I Don’t Care
Gina Eté – Mauern
God Is My Co-Pilot – C’était une jeune fille (fr)
Josy & The Pony – La Crinière (fr, fwb)
L.A WITCH – Drive Your Car
Shopping – Overtime
Gravy Train!!!! – Wutcha Wutcha Doin’ Tonite
Escape from New York – Fire in my Heart
Terr – Tales of Devotion
La Chatte – Rien (Claude Violante remix) (fr, fwb)
The Golden Filter – Now We Got Lost
Allie X – Bitch

Radia #752 – « Mothers & Daughters » par BNA-BBOT pour Radio Campus Bruxelles – lun 26/08/19 @14h // REDIFFUSION jeu 29/08 à minuit

In the spring of 2018, the temporary lesbian bar Mothers & Daughters opened in Brussels. This opening brought together a community in deficit. In deficit of place, of celebration and of collective rituals. In the wake of this event whose near disappearance made its presence all more precious, Severine Irène V. Janssen X BNA-BBOT recorded testimonies, conversations and sounds. These recordings took place in the bar and outside the bar and resulted in this radiophonic piece.

BNA-BBOT is a Brussels-based organisation dedicated to the past, present and future sound memory of Brussels. Since 2000, BNA-BBOT generates a history and memory of the city through the stories and memories of its inhabitants. We’ve compiled closed to 20.000 items of sound data – witness accounts, snippets of conversations, monologues, songs, soundscapes and raw sounds – that form the history of the city. A kind of documentative experience over a very long course, which is not only intended to capture the voices and sounds that pass, but to also create multiple forms that can be heard and returned to the city. All this, in order to have the city actively rework its living memory, and the memory – both present and future – constantly reworked by the city.

Séverine Irène V. Janssen lives and works in Brussels. She studied philosophy but her passion for the way in which history is conceived, written, commented and transmitted, as well as her interest in memory as a political and aesthetic subject led her to take on coordination for BNA-BBOT in 2009.

Credits music :

Make Your Dreams TelevisionPlanète Concrète

Küss Mich Wund – Planète Concrète

Tropical vibration – Planète Concrète

What I WouldMC Mustaj


Production : BNA-BBOT, 2019

(Curated by Carine Demange & Radio Campus Bruxelles for Radia network)

Campus Info ?Alos (live) – lun 13/05/19 @ 17h – Playlist

Alahuta – Holy Prestress
?Alos – The Chaos Awakening (live at radio campus bruxelles)
?Alos – Ecate
?Alos / Xabier Iriondo – Apertura (fwb)
?Alos / Xabier Iriondo – Gelosia (fwb)
?Alos / Xabier Iriondo – Coscienza Di Sé (fwb)
?Alos / Xabier Iriondo – Amore Libero (fwb)
Veda – Lullaby (fwb)
Clemix – Motherfucker (fwb)
Purple Disco Machine & Jack Back – Body Funk (Sometimes) (Cristian Poow 2019 remix)

Campus Info Who Me ? Lundi 6/05/19 – Playlist

Noemie – Hairy Old Lady
Ane Brun – Girl from the North Country
Toktok und Nena – Bang Bang
Kompromat – Le Goût des Cendres (fr)
Judith Juillerat – Slack Time (Extended mix)
Ann Clue – Trip
The Knife – Stay out here (Paula Temple remix)
LAPS – Who Me ? (fr)
Manthe Ribane & Okzharp – Maybe This
Camilla Sparksss – Sorry
Cloé du Trèfle & Céline Chappuis – Nous / Nòs (fr, fwb)
Elysian Fields – Lady in The Lake

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