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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 1er mai

1. Desolate-“florescence”.2.nicholas szczepanik-“again, falling”.3.gang colours-“heavy petting”.4.king corosote&jon Hopkins-“john taylor`s month away”.5.jad fair&hifi klub&philippe petit-“le grenier du chateau”. 6.the time&space machine-“magic mountain”.7.puscifer-“oceans”.8.bottles-“Dominican fade”(cluster rmx).9.mouse on mars-“Miami”.10.tycho-“dive”(keep shelley in Athens rmx).11.chapelier fou-“fritz lang”.12.james carr-“love is a beautiful thing”.13.blockhead-“meet you at tower records”.14.oil-“chrlie c.”.15.squadda b.-“never understand”.16,ab soul feat.danny brown&j.aika-“terrorist threats”.17.dr. john-“revolution”.18.mark lanegan band-“ode to sad disco”.19. David bowie-“no control”.20.zammuto-“weird ceiling”.21.wild Adriatic-“bound to let you go”22. phenomenal handclap band-“shake”.23.the golden filter-“kill me” (leo zero rmx).24.country joy and the fish-“magoo”.25.philamore Lincoln-“the north wind blew south”.26.the orient express-“dance for me”.27.john berberian&the middle eastern ensemble-“iron maiden”.28.alabama shakes-“rise to the sun”.29.jack white-“sixteen salteens”.30.the oscillation-“no place to go”.31.red axes-“kazino”.32.olga kouklaki-“antivirus”.33.der plan-“da vorne steht ne ampel“.34.thick pigeon-„dog“.35.by chance-„soul kitchen“.36.tristesse contenporaine-„empty hearts“.37.mark Stewart-„vanity kills“+“robo want pt.1“.38.p.i.l-„lollipop opera”.39.trentemoller feat. Marie fisker-“my dreams”.40.arcade fire-“ready to start”(damian taylor&arcade fire rmx).41.dream 2 science-“breathe deep”.42.totally enormous extinct dinosaurs-“tapes&money”.43.oxia feat. Miss kittin-“housewife”.44.new build-“mercy”.46.gorillaz&James Murphy&andre 3000-“do ya thing”.


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