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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 16/05/2017

1.francis harris-“hems”
2.ryuichi sakamoto-“life,life”
3.gas-“narkopop 4”
4.bochum welt-garden”(nyc mix)
5.alice coltrane-„er ra“
6.cybe-„muzak paintings positive movement“
7.vulgata-„ethel 1“
8.five seasons-„apres midi“
9.blaine l. reininger&steven brown-“6”
10.jimmy scott feat. Till brönner-“if I ever lost you”
11.snooze-“quiet alone” feat. Deborah brown
12.ronald bruner jr.-“to you/for you”
13.dc salas feat.joy wellboy-“cala falco”(le motel rmx)
14.spacemen3-“let me down gently”
15.japan-“night porter”
17.timber timbre-“sewer blues”
19.penguin café-“wheels within wheels”
20.carl craig-“c-beams glitter”
21.cummi flu-“chanson de la lune”
22.nomade orquestra-« felag mengu »
23.jacques greene-« you see all my light »
24.vock-“breaking bones”
25.el michels affair-“tearz”
26.lord echo-“low to the street” feat. Lisa Tomlins
27.lord echo-“honest I do”
28.zwischen welt-(aka heinrich mueller/dopplerefect)-“telekinesis”
29.vanishing twin-„it sends my heart into a spin“
30.forest swords-“raw language”
31.the gift-“lost and found”
32.the residents-“horrors of the night”
33.fujiya&miyagi-“Freudian slips”
34.meitar-(samy b. Laurent c.,herve b. and alex f.)-“bedarki l an”
35.billy nicholls-“Portobello road”
36.the munx-“our dream”
37.the del-vetts-“last time around”
38.pink Floyd-“matilda mother”(2010 mix)
39.the creation-“for all that I am”
40.mark lanegan band-“emperor”
41.wire-“playing harp for the fishes”
42.ülver-“so falls the world”
43.trans am-“I want to be ignored”
44.slowdive-“no longer making time”
45.spoon-“pink up”
46.gorillaz feat. Grace jones-“charger”
47.moon duo-“sevens”
48.kleenex/liliput-“Heidi s head”
49.luminance-“human after all”
50.be zier-“laboratory”

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