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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 12/09/2017

2.pye corner audio-“descent”
3.dj hell-“inferno pt.2”
4.pantha du prince-“wallflowers for pale saints”(ambient version)
5.dungen-“achmed och peri banu”(version by prince Thomas)
6.LTO-tape loops”
7.?-“sea watch”(david helplings a thousand missing faces rmx)
8.bola-“pelomen vapour 3”
9.hidden orchestra-“east London street”(no drum mix)
10.the karminsky experience inc.-“mirage”
12.bullion-“tc chook(after)”
13.df tram-“lovers radio”
14.aldous harding-“what if birds arent singing theyre screaming”
15.unkle-“stole enough”
16.cult with no name-“all I have is yours(including you)”
17.nosaj thing feat.zuri marley-“way we were”
19.teho teardo&blixa bargeld-“teftofteron=Gflaven”
20.the Russian lineman-“the trigan empire”
21.hesperius draco-“violentia”
22.steve young-“seven bridges road”
23.don Williams-“if Hollywood dont need you”
24.sly5thAve-“early morning”
25.lewis badwan-“back to Belgium”
26.holger czukay-“Persian love”
27.johnny beeman-“laffin beatnik”
28.mekons-“simone on the beach”
30.dj ahadow-“corridors” 3 feat. Steven price
31.arcade fire-“good god damn”
32.lcd soundsystem-“tonite”
33.guaranteed raw-“get a load of this”
34.somnambulist-“facing the moon”
35.dopplereffekt-“cellular automata”
36.jack peoples-“song 01”
37.tree-“travel light”
38.ulver-“I can see the light”(a cover of fleur de lys)
39.shocking blue-“acka raga”
40.shock machine-“unlimited love”
41.oh sees-“drowned beast”
43.il est vilaine-“rocket fire”
44.enzo kreft-“poisoned”
45.”michy maus” cut and paste by bullion
46.luna twist-“African time”
47.xordox(aka jG thirlwell/foetus)-“diamonds”
48.la düsseldorf-“cha cha 2000/85”
49.cold colors-“memories”

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